How Apps Will Change the Future of Online Marketing

July 22nd, 2015 by Search Influence Alumni

Online Marketing Apps Image - Search Influence

We use apps for everything. From staying in touch with loved ones to shopping for wedding dresses, apps are quickly taking over the mobile online world. But as businesses prep their sites for mobile in the wake of Mobilegeddon, many are overlooking the potentially lucrative opportunities available with apps. In fact, these handy little features may just shape the way we market to online users in the future. Here are a few ways apps will impact our online behavior, and digital marketing as a result.

The Way We Search

As technology develops, the act of pulling up a Web browser and typing in a search query is becoming more and more cumbersome. Add the fact that screens are getting smaller (especially with the introduction of wearable devices), and traditional search methods may soon be gone forever. To adapt to this change in the way we find information, many users will turn to apps for instant access to what they need. A quote on an HVAC system? There will be an app for that. Late night delivery options in their neighborhood. There’s an app for that, too. Small businesses are also utilizing apps to work more productively and efficiently.

The Way We Buy

Companies are already seeing a dramatic change in the way customers are making their purchases. There’s a significant shift towards mobile shopping, with even more customers choosing branded apps to make their final decision. For retailers, this is simply an unmissable opportunity. As customers become more and more accustomed to mobile shopping, they’ll be more likely to choose retailers who offer a functional, attractive app.

The Way We Stand Out

It’s no secret that a company’s online presence strongly impacts a customer’s or client’s decision to work with them. The time spent in mobile apps has increased 21 percent since last year, and it’s only climbing higher. Customers will be looking for companies with apps, and not having one may sorely hurt your business. Think of it this way: when a customer searches for a business and finds that they don’t even have a website, they’ll be less likely to trust that company. The same may ring true for those without apps, as this technology continues to grow and more customers search the app store. Making the investment now may save you lost customers in the future.

Apps are changing the way we interact with the online world, and as a result, they will change the way we reach our customers in the future. As the prevalence of this technology continues to grow, it becomes more important than ever for companies to use apps as the powerful digital marketing tools they’re meant to be.