[eBook] Google Plus for Business

January 24th, 2012 by Search Influence Alumni

Google Plus for BusinessTake Seven Steps to Social Media Heaven today! 90 million users can’t be wrong: Google+ is the newest and fastest-growing social network, recently opening its doors to small businesses. The multifaceted integration with search, social discussion and sharing, and the rise of a platform for authority has made Google+ a must for any business.

Using Google Plus for Business

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We’ll walk you through:

  • Setting up your Google+ page
  • Designing a compelling targeted profile
  • Sharing meaningful content and interacting with your users
  • Measuring what Google Plus does for your Business
  • Strengthening your site for Google Plus for Business
  • Going beyond social and making a difference in social-search.

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What Can a Google Plus For Business Page Do?

With an engagement rate topping 60%, Google+ is a goldmine of social interaction. Hangouts with your users, highly-targeted circles, and integration with both search and other Google apps makes Google Plus for Business a worthy investment for any small business. But it’s a complex social network, and less intuitive than Twitter and Facebook — make sure you know how to traverse the rapids of this new social network by downloading our Google Plus for Business eBook now!

A well-tuned Google+ page can be a conduit for discussion, a traffic generator, and a wellspring of highly targeted and engaged website visitors both on and off the social network. Find out today how to focus the energy from Google+ to your business by building your business page and what aspects make effective social media campaigns on Google+.

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