Facebook Advertising Delivers Low Cost Per Lead

January 28th, 2010 by Search Influence Alumni

In the middle of August we started testing Facebook Advertising for one of our plastic surgeon clients.  The surgeon wanted to reach potential tummy tuck and breast augmentation patients.  We selected a number of stock images and loaded the ads.  However, Facebook rejected all of our ads (The Downsides) because they did not follow the Facebook advertising guidelines.

Facebook Advertising Rejection

Facebook Advertising Early Lessons

This was a shock to me, the surgeon and the 5 other people who saw the Facebook advertising mockups, because we thought we used:

  • relevant and appropriate images and language
  • correct grammar
  • spelling and punctuation
  • proper sentence structure
  • and targeted the ads appropriately

After trying many Facebook ad combinations, I realized Facebook was rejecting the images, so we decided to try the practices’ logo instead.

Facebook Advertising Effectiveness

Is facebook advertising effective?  I had run an unsuccessful Facebook advertising campaign in early 2008 that turned out to be a waste of money!

So, I wasn’t very optimistic going into the campaign. We decided to start out by testing $150 in August.  After several days of looking at the impressions, click through rate and cost, I was still discouraged.  However, when I logged into Google Analytics, I noticed that Facebook was referring a decent percentage of the sites visitors and these visitors were completing contact forms at a very high rate.  At the end of August, I calculated that of the almost  $150 spent in August on Facebook Ads, there were 11 completed forms, which is about a $13.63 cost per lead.

Facebook Advertising ROI

WOW! A $14 cost per lead for plastic surgery is amazing! So, for September we decided to increase the budget to $200.   Again, I noticed a lot of activity in September and, as of Sept 30th, Facebook advertising had referred 17 completed forms for a total cost per lead of  $11.76.

Low cost per lead means more money in your pocket

Overall, $350 was spent on Facebook ads and 28 contact forms were completed during August and September, averaging a total of  $12.50 cost per lead.

I am pleasantly surprised at how well it all worked, and I am very excited to explore more Facebook advertising opportunities in the future!

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