Determining and Leveraging Your Brand Advocates

April 9th, 2014 by Search Influence Alumni

At Pubcon New Orleans, Rob Fuggetta of Zuberance led a seminar on “Activating Brand Advocates.” Rob wrote a book called Brand Advocates that I encourage you to read if you’re a business owner looking to learn more about this game-changing topic.


Rob talked about how brand advocates are people who recommend your products or services without being paid. They are your best salespeople because they are free and other people trust their opinion greatly. In fact, 92% of customers trust word of mouth referrals, compared to 70% trusting reviews, and 33% trusting ads. Since they are a very trustworthy recommendation, businesses should leverage them to help their business grow.

You may be wondering how you determine if one of your customers is a brand advocate. Rob offered three ways to figure this out. The first is to ask your customers a one question survey: “How likely are you to recommend us?” On a scale of one to ten, your brand advocates are those that give you a nine or a ten. Another way to find brand advocates is to invite your customers to recommend you. This can be done by asking them why they love your company. Lastly, listening and engaging with your customers is a great way to find your advocates. If someone is talking about how much they love you on social media, you can consider them a brand advocate.

Once you’ve determined who your brand advocates are, Rob offered three ways to leverage them to help your business. One way is to make it easy for your advocates to give you reviews. For example, ask customers to write you a review in your email correspondence, landing pages, newsletters, and on social media. Once you have several reviews, publish them wherever you can think of, including social media, your website, and email marketing.


The second way is to gather and publish stories from your customers about how they use your brand and why they love your brand. If sales increased by 50% because of your help, write a case study about it and get the customer involved with providing the statistics and quotes. Finally, ask your brand advocates for referrals! For those that are passionate about your brand, they should be excited to help others by recommending your company to their circle of influence. Think about it: if you enjoyed a restaurant or a hotel, wouldn’t you recommend it to your friends and family? Why should it be different for your business?

Submit your comments below on how you will leverage your brand advocates!