Demystifying Higher Ed SEO’s Real ROI: Insights From Will Scott’s UPCEA Blog

July 5th, 2023 by Ren Horst

Higher Ed SEO

For many higher education institutions, SEO is an untapped goldmine.

Despite reigning in higher website visibility, user traffic, and conversion rates, colleges and universities overlook SEO as part of their digital marketing strategy. Why?

They don’t see SEO as a tactic that will deliver a solid return on their investment.

To challenge this widespread misconception, Search Influence CEO and Co-Founder Will Scott wrote a blog for UPCEA, demonstrating the profitability of SEO can be for higher ed institutions.

Will Scott’s UPCEA Blog Talks Higher Ed SEO Payoff

On June 23, Scott had the opportunity to contribute a blog post for UPCEA (University of Professional Continuing Education Association).

Titled “How to Quantify Higher Education SEO ROI — ‘Show Me the Money,’ Says the Dean,” Scott’s blog post keys higher ed institutions in on what the true SEO ROI looks like: increased enrollment of prospective students.

See the full blog post to understand:

  • What SEO means in higher ed
  • How paid search and SEO work better in tandem
  • The impact of higher ed SEO on ROI — the proof is in the pudding
  • Tricks for making SEO work for you

Search Influence’s Partnership With UPCEA

In 2022, Search Influence become a Platinum Partner of UPCEA to share its higher education marketing expertise and help institutions understand the value of SEO and paid ads in driving more prospects to their schools.

So far in their two-year partnership, the pair have collaborated on a Higher Ed SEO Research Study, which reveals the need for solid SEO strategies across institutions. Search Influence will also publish industry-relevant articles and blog posts, host webinars, and attend UPCEA conferences to continue to help this partnership flourish.

Make Your SEO Efforts Count With Search Influence

As Scott puts it, “SEO is an investment, not an expense.”

If you’re trying to plant your roots in effective SEO for higher ed and watch your ROI grow, Search Influence can help you take the first step.

Contact us today to see how our ROI-focused agency can wow your doubtful deans with real results.