5 Ways Online Marketing Offers Better ROI Than Traditional Approaches

June 29th, 2016 by Search Influence Alumni

5 Ways Online Marketing Offers Better ROI Than Traditional Advertising

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As technology becomes an essential part of our day-to-day lives, we are increasingly turning to the digital world for personal interactions and information. Every day magazines are folding, and newspapers are becoming online publications. Yesterday, my colleague posted a blog highlighting how online marketing will surpass TV advertising in 2019. It may be difficult to keep up with the trends, but there are many reasons why businesses should transition to online marketing from traditional medias such as print, radio, and TV ads.


A more traditional approach tends to be a shot in the dark. You can run an ad in a paper that many will see, but you might not appeal to your target audience. Online marketing allows clients to target their audience easily. Chances are there are already people interesting in your goods or services. It’s only matter of finding the right audience and targeting your message.

Real Time Effect

Placing ads in papers, billboards, or on TV can be expensive, not to mention stagnant. Your ad may run for several weeks, but it lacks real time effects. Optimizing and posting on social media platforms allows your followers to see your post in real time, and you can post as many times as you want. With social media marketing, your company can also network and interact with your audience, forming and cultivating relationships that print ads can’t give you.

Global Outreach

Social networks are easily accessible throughout the world, so you can reach more than twice as many people. You may run an ad in your city or nationwide, but you are only reaching those who happen to come across the ad. Through online advertisements not only will you reach your audience in your geographical location, you have the possibility of reaching extended circles through likes and shares. With increased visibility, you can compete on the same level as bigger brands.


One of the best advantages of online marketing is that it’s easy to track. Traditional approaches leave little room to track and tweak your campaign. However, social platforms and Google searches offer several built-in tools and metrics to track your progress. You can quickly make adjustments in your approach if necessary.

Bigger Return on Investment

Online marketing tends to be low-cost in relation to traditional marketing, and there is also more room to get creative, which sets clients up for a higher return on investment. Here at Search Influence, our niche approach to search engine optimization works to improve our client’s ranking on search engines. Our services will help you build a competitive online presence that is sure to increase your clientele base.

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