5 for Friday – Links, Stories & Posts For Your Weekend

October 26th, 2012 by Search Influence Alumni

Brands That Understand Marketing on Instagram – Mashable

Much like Pinterest, businesses are slowly but surely beginning to utilize Instagram as a marketing tool. By encouraging your customers or your fan base to be actively — and creatively — involved with your brand, you can engage them in a unique and effective way. Whether you have a clothing brand or a restaurant, this is a great example of how Instagram can boost your social media campaign with user-generated content.

Pinterest Makes Top 50 Website List – Search Engine Journal

Speaking of Pinterest, the social media site has secured a spot on comScore’s top 50 most-visited websites list. In addition to its phenomenal growth over the past year, the fact that registration is now open to anyone (no invite needed!) has certainly helped with Pinterest’s latest visitor boom. And with the holidays right around the corner, it’s likely that we’ll see even more traffic from shoppers in the coming months.

5 Reasons Why Visual Content Needs to Be Included In Your Marketing – Social Media Today

In case the two previous stories didn’t convince you, visual content should absolutely be a part of your marketing strategy. Images affect people differently than words. They are easily shareable on social networks, and they can quickly capture the interest of your audience. Carefully chosen visual content can engage your customers and connect with them in a simple, effective way. Are you incorporating images in your marketing efforts?

Apple Drops an iPad Mini on Rivals – The Wall Street Journal

The iPad Mini was announced this week, and Apple will begin taking orders for the device today. Lightweight and super thin, it measures 7.9 inches diagonally, but has a lower screen resolution than the iPad. At a pricey $329, it’s significantly more expensive than other 7-inch tablets on the market, but hardcore Apple fans could be happy to pay up. Will you be adding it to your wish list?

Google Takes Street View Tech Into the Grand Canyon – Wired

Google Maps has captured images of locations using cars, snowmobiles, and even tricycles, but their latest effort to map terrain that is unreachable by traditional methods is really ambitious. The Trekker, a backpack version of the equipment used on Google’s Street View cars, is now being used to map inaccessible sites. This week, the backpacks journeyed into the Grand Canyon. What will Google’s Street View engineers think of next?