Digital Marketing for Education

Because the education sector is about creating an environment ripe for learning and exploring concepts, many outside the industry forget that it is also a business. Whether you are a school administrator or run the marketing department at a major university, getting your message out to parents, students, and even investors is paramount to the survival of your institution.

Your challenge of marketing your school
There are many loops to close—often with a limited budget that must effectively stretch across various initiatives. You may have trouble customizing your website to fit the specific needs of your program, or you may also face challenges transitioning your staff from more traditional media techniques to the digital world. At Search Influence, we are experienced in working within the parameters of a larger organization while still serving the core purpose of your campaign. Depend on us to find the balance you need to amplify your voice.

As digital marketing experts in the education industry, Search Influence will connect you to your target audience with a collaborative approach that ensures you are getting measurable results. We know every college or university is unique, with a wide range of goals in mind. Looking to increase enrollment and retention or target alumni and fundraising opportunities? Contact us! Our experienced team can provide marketing strategies for higher education, technical colleges, and beyond.

Top Digital Marketing Opportunities for the Education Industry

From integrated marketing plans to targeted ad campaigns and social media development, we specialize in finding where we can add the most value to let you focus on what you do best—positioning your students for excellence!


Be strategic about what messaging prospective students are seeing, where, and when. We’ll conduct an analysis of your target market, define your student personas, and create a strategy to meet your goals.



Increase trust with prospective students by making information consistent and easy to locate. Often, we see more detailed information in our clients’ printed brochures than on their website. By coordinating digital strategies and printed marketing materials, we can leverage both methods, creating a cohesive experience for current and prospective students.



According to a Google study, 58% of students turn to search first when they begin research for higher education. Our deep roots in technical search optimization and local search optimization will help potential students find you when they begin that journey.



Improve the experience and make it easier for potential patients to contact you. Our team will evaluate your website as well as your collateral and recommend necessary updates to increase conversions. Sometimes it’s as simple as making it clear to the user what you want them to do!



Engage with prospective students of all ages where they expect you to be – social media. We’ll review your social media activity as well as that of your competitors, and combine tone, frequency, engagement, and branding to produce a strategy based on best practices and experience. Our support can include graphics creation, content calendars, and more to expand your internal resources.



Convert more prospects and applicants through e-mail marketing by sending messages timed to where they are in the decision making process, and, timed to your application and enrollment deadlines. We’ll create nurture programs dedicated to each program of focus to share out the most relevant information to prospects and applicants.



Our Google Analytics and Tag Manager certified team has a high standard for delivery against well-documented, key performance indicators. With monthly meetings to assess our progress, we’ll be agile in our response to market conditions and focus on your most critical metric: enrollment.


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