Yahoo! is an Entertainment News Site…Wha?

July 14th, 2010 by Search Influence Alumni

Yahoo Fails At Search, Tries Its Hand At Being A “Pretty Woman”

"Your Yahoo! May Look Different Today!"

It is a sad day when search engines are reduced to stalking celebrities to keep themselves relevant.

That is the thought I had when I saw the latest Yahoo TV commercial. Since their merger with Microsoft was announced, Yahoo has been trying to carve out a niche for itself as a entertainment news site (seriously how many E!s, TMZs, OhNoTheyDidnts, and Superficials must we have! How are all the celebrity bloggers going to eat and stay in white MSpaint to draw on photos?). They are even going as far as to declared themselves THE NUMBER ONE visited site for such frivolous news  – when in all honesty, they are including Yahoo Search,Yahoo Mail, and Yahoo Games (noticed I didn’t include the “!” because there just isn’t anything exciting about Yahoo anymore) into this data.

Is it misleading? Hell, yes.

It would be like Kanye West running into a social media award ceremony and shouting  “Yo Facebook, I’m really happy for you…I’ll let you finish. But Google had the most users of all time!”

For Yahoo to not only call it quits with search but to instantaneously declare themselves the number one at something is delusional. Yahoo has never been first at anything, not even being absorbed in a significantly more successful search engine *cough*…AOL…*cough*.

Oh and speaking of Kanye West, what’s the deal with Yahoo using “Flash Lights” in the commercial? That song is about pure narcissism (which is such a stretch for Mr. West to rap about *eye roll*)!  What does Yahoo have to be narcissistic about? It certainly didn’t live up to the promise of all those awesome 00’s commercials with the cowboy cry “yahoo!” at the end. In fact the only thing Yahoo should be proud of is knowing how to make money even in rough times. Yahoo is like a 80’s film star that got downgraded to tv dad in the 90’s and is now doing guest spots as the murder victim on cop dramas between infomercial and night manager gigs. Yahoo is a shining example of just because you’re well known at something, doesn’t mean it will make you rich.

Am I mad at Yahoo? No, but I am upset at internet companies allowing Google to swallow more and more of the search engine pie chart. This merger is not going to increase Yahoo/MSN slice of the pie, it’s just going to make search professionals realize we are practically on Google’s payroll.  :/

Thanks to Thomas Hawk for the image!