The Only Thing Scarier Than Bad SEO is Search Influence Halloween

November 5th, 2014 by Search Influence Alumni

Search Influence recently moved to a much larger building with more space for our growing staff. The only catch is in this much larger building our office is located on the 13th floor. Working (celebrating) our first Halloween on the 13th floor was not scary as you may think.

Our office is a mixture of fun people, eccentric styles, and unique cultures. The one aspect we all have in common is enjoying what we do and where we work. Even though we experience fun in the office on a daily basis, holidays like Halloween bring out the festive spirit from within us.

Nearly one fourth of the office staff came dressed up as various characters, animals, and other Halloween favorites.


The outfits ranged from imitations of other co workers,


to a favorite TV character (Sue from SNL),


to classic storybook characters (Hansel and The Mad Steampunk Hatter).


No Halloween would be complete without the treats! Many Influencers brought their favorite treat to share with the entire office.

The treats ranged from traditional candies,


to sugary delights


classic yet healthy options (Ants on a Log),


and savory snacks.


To top it all off we even had some rad decorations.


Our first Halloween on the 13th floor was a success and enjoyed by all! We are lucky to work for a company that encourages us to be uniquely ourselves.