The Best Things our Fathers Taught us…

June 17th, 2010 by Paula Keller French

Fathers have a way of attempting to instill wisdom upon their children, even when it’s not asked for! While their nuggets of advice may not all be as quotable as Confucius, every once in a while, something sticks… something that we carry with us our entire lives…something that we will no doubt drill into our kids… even when they don’t ask for it.

So in the spirit of Father’s Day, we decided to celebrate our fathers by sharing their best teachings with you!

Surfing or otherwise, fathers teach their kids great stuff!

“Well my father has taught me a lot of things, but I think one of the most important things he has taught me since I was very young is to respect nature and take care of the environment and the wildlife that depends on it.”

–       Melanie Aleman, Junior Account Associate

“My dad was a man of few words, wise decisions, and leading by example.  Trying to model that is a challenge everyday!”

–       Amy Arnold, Account Director

“Choose your battles wisely”

–       Allison Cates, Account Manager

“I come from a teenage parent family – my mom and dad were married and had me when they were barely legal. And while my grandmother loves to explain to my parents how I raised them, my dad did teach me a lot growing up, the most vital being the importance of learning. Even though he never got the chance to attending college because his life-path involved a short-lived term with the US Marine Corp, 18+ years of employment at Ford Motors and numerous side jobs, he always found the time to learn something new. When I was growing up, my dad would take night classes, watch historical documentaries, and read the dullest technical training books whenever he had the time. My father might not be a jack-of-all-trades but he’s certainly always willing to give it a try. Despite all of the adversity, my father is without a doubt the source of my mantra ‘What do I know?’ and is a continued source of inspiration for me to never stop learning. Thanks Dad.”

–       Anthony Coleman, Paid Search Manager & Budding Know-It-All

“Don’t take any wooden nickels” –Nick Fidanza, Operations Director

“One of the best attributes my father passed along to me is his attention to detail. Our perfectionism can be an annoyance to some, but guarantees the best job possible will be done for any task!”

–       Rodney Hess, Junior Account Associate

“My dad has taught me many many valuable things in life so far – but I guess the most unique thing that he has passed on to me is his excitement for Disney World!  This year will be my daughters’ 1st trip to Disney World and I had a hand in planning the whole thing with my dad… You see, there’s a strategy to planning a Disney vaca.  Choosing a resort and what section in the resort to stay in; what parks to go to on which days; where to make advanced dining reservations; what attractions to visit first; and so on…  I have enjoyed helping my dad plan this coming vacation and I hope to pass along this tradition to my children :)”

–       Amanda Barth Graves, Major Accounts Coordinator

“To get a job that involves the internet… and how to conserve gas by slowing down when approaching red lights”

–       Paula Keller, Account Associate

“Serious answer:  to take pride in everything you do no matter how trivial the task may seem because it is a reflection of your character. Funny answer: how to turn a simple household repair situation into a weekend long project.”

–       Jeff Kinkopf, Internet Marketing Intern / Interim Content Manager

“The best thing my father ever taught me was how to save and manage money. With that knowledge I’ve been able to stay debt free my whole life. ‘You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy freedom.’”

–       Luke Ledet, Super Star

“I dont know if this is the best thing my dad taught/told me, but he always reminded me that, ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ and that he’s ‘not an infinite supply,’ haha. I think we both obsess over saving money, and getting the most from our dollar dollar bills.”

–       Briana Prevost, Associate Content Editor

“The best thing my father taught me was to live life to its fullest. Treat yourself, don’t cheat yourself.”

–       Evan Soso, Internet Marketing Intern

“To keep every door open. It’s drafty, but it makes sure you can get everywhere you want.”

–       Doug Thomas, Internet Marketing Associate

“He taught me how to be responsible and manage my money.  Luckily he had the patience to explain how it all works.”

–       Janna Vastola, Account Manager

Not so crummy neckties!

This Father’s Day, try thanking him for all the knowledge he bestowed upon you. It’ll let him know you’ve been listening and is a much better gift than that crummy neck tie you bought him…

Special thanks to mikebaird and stevendepolo for the great images!