Actionable Social Media Analytics: Likes to Leads

February 27th, 2011 by Will Scott

Last week I had the pleasure of presenting on Social Media Analytics at SEMpdx SearchFest.

Most of our customers have no interest in Likes and Followers for their own sake. What we’re interested in most is Leads. In other words, do our Social Media Analytics enable us to track actionable data, most importantly, leads?

Likes to Leads – Actionable Social Media Analytics View more presentations from Search Influence

From the Final Slide, bringing it all together for Social Media Analytics includes:

  • Some tracking is better than no tracking
    • Start with URL shorteners
  • Fans are great, but leads are better
    • And you can track them
  • The data is there, you may just need to unlock it
    • And communicate it to the decision makers

Look forward to more from the Search Influence Team:

At SMX West:

What do you think about the methods above? What tools do you use to track social media leads?