#ShowYourPride: Engaging the LGBTQ Community Online

June 16th, 2016 by Search Influence Alumni

Happy Pride Month! Let’s look at online trends for the LGBTQ community and learn how some sites and brands are engaging these consumers!

The LGBTQ community has always been known for being early adopters of technology and the internet. Specifically, the internet has been a medium that serves as a safe place to form communities and access resources that might not have always been easily or readily available.

Online Engagement LGBTQ Statistics Mini Infographic - Search Influence

LGBTQ Community and Social Media Usage

In the online and social media realm, brands like Logo TV are killing it when it comes to targeting the needs and interests of the LGBTQ community. Of the top ten sites for LGBTQ content identified by Experian’s 2013 report, Logo TV ranked third for the highest share of visits. “Looking at the search terms driving visits to these sites, it is clear that many individuals are looking for information about Rupaul’s Drag Race, a popular television show that airs on Logo, a Viacom-owned network. In fact, many of the top non-branded search terms include variations of the show’s name and famous host.”

Knowing that RuPaul’s Drag Race is a major interest of the LGBTQ community, LOGOonline via NewNowNext not only follows news directly related to the show, but also shares content like former contestants best Instagram photos of the week. They also share engaging content like what’s going on with celebrity icons like Cher and gay-inclusive brands like Colgate.

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When posting to social media, consider whether you’re content fits within the interests of the LGBTQ community. If it does, try using relevant hashtags or engaging with influencers in the community.

LGBTQ Community and Mobile Usage

Members of the LGBTQ community are said to be mobile leaders, and when compared with their heterosexual counterparts, they are more likely to be considered technology “wizards.” Wizards are the consumers Experian Marketing Services has identified as those for whom technology is central to their way of life. This consumer segment, with high mobile technology adoption and usage rates, is an important target for mobile campaigns.

Some stats on mobile usage in the LGBT community are as follows:

  • Over 75% of LGBTs under age 45 use their mobile devices for travel information.
  • …among those who use their mobile devices, over 80% are using them to find local restaurants, and nearly 60% use mobile devices to research local attractions.
  • Online e-commerce continues to have strong traction with LGBT households, as they spend 35% more on online purchases each year than non-LGBT households.
  • Research shows that gay/bisexual men and lesbian/bisexual women are 33% and 22% more likely than their heterosexual gender counterparts, respectively, to have redeemed a coupon on their cell phone.

So as we mentioned before, the LGBT community is a tech-savvy group with a proclivity towards online shopping. This community is a great audience to consider when you start targeting your ad spending.

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