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January 29th, 2008 by Will Scott


If you’ve been contacted by SEO Matrix please give us a call. We’ve learned that the way they prospect is by calling people who are spending money on online advertising.

Most of our clients come by referral. We can help you too (and in most cases for much less than SEO Matrix).

We have spoken to a few SEO Matrix cold-call recipients and would love to speak with you too.

Call (504) 208-3900 today.

Original post follows:

Just a quick post to talk about a call I just got from SEO Matrix. Al, from SEOMatrix was kind enough to call and begin to educate me about their services.

Normally I would just sit tight and listen for the competitive value (in the interest of full disclosure, we have used telemarketers and will continue to do so). But, I started poking around their site, got a little more educated and asked a few questions.

My first question for SEO Matrix was “what kind of guarantees do you offer”? And I got a good answer, that they don’t like to over-promise, which let Al into a discussion of the fact that SEOMatrix’s employs only “white hat” techniques. So, for whatever reason that’s where I lost my cool.

Again, I was trying to maintain so I could get a sense for what they were saying to see if it had value when we go back into cold-calling (w/in 30-60 days).

I just couldn’t do it. Why? It offended my sensibilities and I said so. I told Al, that the average consumer of his product doesn’t know what “white hat” is, and that it’s irrelevant to their needs. I then expressed my frustration that he hadn’t even looked at our site — this in itself was funny because he responded that he thought we might do PPC (Note: the title tag includes “Economical SEO“).

In any case, I don’t think they’re Traffic Power, but it would seem they’re not making a great name for themselves in the market since this is the #4 Google result for SEOMatrix.

I’m still trying to pinpoint what set me off. It was one of several things:

  • The pricing was silly high
  • The caller didn’t even realize he was calling an SEO (even though he knew the company name and was looking at the site)
  • The language used was a combination of buzz words and gross oversimplification (my favorite pseudo buzzword: Hard Hat SEO)
  • They call themselves an “Ethical Search Engine Optimization Company” — like they’re the only ones

I don’t know, if we have one goal, it’s to de-mystify this stuff. If nothing else the presence of competition, good or bad, validates the business.

I’ll come back and fill in some of the blanks. I just wanted to get this down while fresh in my mind.

Due to the inflammatory nature of some of the earlier comments I’ve decided to turn off all comments on this post.

If anyone has issues or questions (especially those of you who gave of your time to post a response) please feel free to contact us directly / (504) 208-3900.

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