SI Around The Web — Mentions & Quotables!

August 10th, 2012 by Search Influence Alumni

Search Influence has been getting a lot of love in the press lately, and we’re here to share the good news with you! Our CEO Will Scott lends his expertise to several publications, Olympic frenzy takes the Internet by storm and more, right after the jump!

A New Social Media Strategy for the Olympics, Future Sporting Events — Forbes

The Olympics have been touted as the first “social media games,” and it’s inarguable that the feverish pitch of the competition has been mirrored in the frantic tweeting, sharing and pinning of thousands. But is the Olympics Committee itself doing as good of a job as it could be with their official efforts? Their attempts to place restrictions on nearly every aspect of the games has drawn heavy criticism. Will talks with Forbes about the IOC’s pitfalls, saying “The moment the IOC set restrictions that limited the voice of the athletes, they made the Olympics less relevant to the Millennials.” These restrictions mean stifling good speech as well as bad, and have hurt athletes’ ability to help the Olympic brand.

• Marketers: No Brand Deserves Gold Digital Olympics — AdWeek

Speaking of the Olympics, Will was also quoted in this article about the Olympic advertisers’ social media shortfalls. Given its ubiquity in modern-day communication, social media offers a longer-lasting and intense value from endorsements than with traditional forms of advertising, and athletes’ ability to do so is a crucial part of the process. Click through to AdWeek to see his thoughts!

• Why Online Marketers Are Rethinking Their Yelp Strategy — Street Fight

Finally, Will wrote this article for Street Fight about the changing face of Yelp and how changes to the system will make it easier, more useful and more profitable for consumers and businesses alike. The increasingly mobile online world, smart search apps such as Siri, and the importance of reviews in buying decisions (among other factors) all drive home the importance of actively managing your business’s online presence. Whether you’re a restaurant, retailer or service, get out there and own your name! Participating in deals and ad campaigns is a great way to get folks in the door, but don’t make the mistake of buying or soliciting reviews — it’s almost sure to backfire. The best way is the old-fashioned one: wow them with your quality and the positive reviews will roll in!