How to Market Your Business on LinkedIn

March 15th, 2019 by Lauren Griffin

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LinkedIn isn’t just for growing your personal network—it can be used to grow your business too! LinkedIn has over 560 million users, with 40 percent of active users using LinkedIn monthly. LinkedIn is a great tool to promote your brand and connect with business professionals in a very direct and effective manner.  

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Company Page

It’s important that your Company Page not only reflects the professional and personal side of your business, but also is optimized for maximum user engagement and conversions.

  • Business description and tagline – The company’s tagline is a short sentence that gives you an overview of the company and its purpose. The tagline is 120 characters or less, so be concise and specific when crafting it. The description is longer, and should be used to give a deeper dive into the business. You have 2,000 characters to convey your story, so let your fingers fly.
  • Logo profile pictureHaving a logo as the profile picture will make the company look more trustworthy to potential followers. LinkedIn states that companies with a logo as their profile picture get an average of six times more page traffic.
  • Company informationThis includes information like the company’s URL, industry, and number of employees. Having this section filled out completely shows that your profile is a reputable source of information.
  • Call to action buttonYou can choose from a variety of buttons to display on your Company Page, such as “Contact Us” or “Learn More,” which you can attach to any link of your choosing.
  • Consistent posts – It is not enough to just have an optimized Company Page. You need to create fresh and engaging content for your followers to interact with. Try to post at least once a week to keep your page active.

What Makes a Good LinkedIn Post

First and foremost, it’s best to keep your content professional, but that doesn’t mean you need to forego your company’s personality. Stay true to your brand when creating posts. Content should be curated with your audience in mind—what do they want to read? You can cater to this question by sharing articles, industry news, or company updates. Pair this with an image and relevant hashtags to increase engagement.

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How to Advertise Through LinkedIn

Before choosing the types of ads you want to run, you need to first define your goal for LinkedIn marketing. Are you trying to establish yourself as an industry leader to gain brand trust? Are you trying to promote your company’s work environment to attract new employees? Once this is determined, you can choose which ad types serve this goal the best.

  • Sponsored content Sponsored content works similarly to promoted posts on Facebook. The post will live on your Company Page, as well as in the newsfeed of your specified target audience. This is a great way to gain new connections and spread your company’s message to a targeted audience. Computer screen displaying a man using an iPad
  • Sponsored InMail – Sponsored InMail allows businesses to send personalized messages to a wide audience. The message will appear in the person’s InMail, and will only send when the user is online and active. This is very effective both on mobile and desktop devices. However, the message will need to have a designated “sender” from your company. Whoever the “sender” is should have a relevant company title and an optimized profile.

Leverage Personal LinkedIn Accounts for Your Business

Marketing your business on LinkedIn doesn’t end with setting up your Company Page. Each and every one of your employees can market your business through LinkedIn in two ways: by having an updated, professional profile and by sharing content from the Company Page.  

Each employee likely has hundreds of connections. Ensure they are presenting the company in the best possible light by encouraging team members to update their profile with their current job title with the company. You can also encourage team members to endorse each other’s skills. To take this one step further, you can provide your team an opportunity to take professional headshots and even make custom LinkedIn cover photos for your company for the team to utilize. These small details will help spread a clear, consistent message about your company and the quality of its employees across LinkedIn. Once your team’s profiles are optimized, encourage them to share posts from your Company Page. This will let your content reach a whole new set of connections in a free and organic fashion.

LinkedIn is rated as the top social network for lead generation, and it is a great tool to connect with business leaders. With this taken into consideration, it is clear to see how this platform can be used to advance your business. Want to learn more? Check out our blog post about LinkedIn best practices.

Whether you need assistance with lead generation or social media management, the digital marketing experts at Search Influence can help your business grow. Start a conversation with one of our marketers today to expand your online presence.


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