Google +Post Ads Offer Near Limitless Exposure to Social Messages

December 17th, 2013 by Will Scott

Google has just announced a revolutionary social ads concept for brands dubbed “+Post ads.” +Post ads will allow marketers to re-package selected Google+ posts for promotion by way of Google’s display ad network.


Unlike Facebook ads which live only within the walled garden, Google is taking the revolutionary step of pushing these ads OFF of Google+. In fact, Google+ will, for now, remain pristine, with no apparent ads.

+Post ads have the potential to be more disruptive due to their “content as display” nature. It is likely the novelty will wear off in time, but in the early going brands who jump into this platform will likely see great exposure for their Google+ social content.

For more information, see the related Google site. Our own Jeanne Gaudet has also contributed a brief writeup  (published under my account) to the blog.