Looks like Google CAN admit they are wrong!

June 23rd, 2010 by Paula Keller French

So today while working with a particularly problematic listing within a particularly jacked up (for lack of a better word) market and cluster of listings, I noticed a new option Google is showing in the “Report a Problem” section.

Google Listing Crossover: A new way to report it!

We worked for months to straighten out a client’s listing and were finally feeling a bit of relief when everything seemed to be working… the address was showing up correctly, as was the URL, pictures, and details. Thank goodness, we thought!

That is, until this morning, when I logged into Google Places to test out the tags that are now available in 29 states. This client has some great videos and we hoped to highlight them to searchers in the 3- and 7-packs that are showing up for various terms in the market. But when I clicked on the listing, alas, it was once again pulling in details from a competitor – just a different one this time. As Places gains popularity, this issue of listing crossover appears to be a growing problem – and clearly, Google recognizes that, and even admits it by giving us the option to report that “some photos, reviews, or details belong to a different place.”

Thank you, Google, for giving us the option to report this… now, let’s see how long it takes for the reported issues to be fixed!