#FreelanceFriday: Best Places to Work Remotely (Other Than a Coffee Shop)

March 17th, 2017 by Chris Henson

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Everyone knows that freelancing = freedom. And one of the major draws of that freedom is the ability to work from anywhere.

So, where do most freelancers work? Well, to be honest, mostly at home and in coffee shops.

Many people have delusions of grandeur when it comes to working remotely, picturing themselves on a far-off beach somewhere with their laptop in one hand and a cocktail in another. While certainly feasible, that is not really how freelancing works for most people.

But, that does not mean you are restricted to the confines of your home or apartment as a freelancer. You don’t even have to join the countless clichéd coffee shop denizens clacking away on their laptop amidst the distracting chatter and overpriced macchiato.

Here is a list of the best places to work remotely (other than a coffee shop):


Today, the world’s information may be collected primarily online, but for centuries before, libraries possessed this wealth of knowledge. So, why not surround yourself with both? Plus, it is quiet and littered with big desks and comfy chairs.

Image Of Ferris Bueller In The Library Dancing With Children - Search Influence


Seeking similar worldly inspiration in a different setting? Surround yourself with great art. Also, like the library, museums offer peace and quiet and lots of space to get lost in thought.


Nature can also be a great source of inspiration–from the towering trees to the serene green fields. Enjoying the sun and fresh air is always better than being hunkered down in an office. Just make sure you have access to Wi-Fi.

College Campus

Campuses are kind of like a combination of all the above. There is a library, student center, and lush green spaces spread throughout. You spent hours and hours studying here while in school, so why not go back to get some actual work done?


The food court can be a rowdy place, but if you can tune out the ambient noise, malls are a great place to get work done—especially on weekdays. Free parking and close access to food never hurts either!

Image Of Robyn Sparkles Let's Go To The Mall - Search Influence

Hotel Lobby

Likewise, during the week, hotel lobbies are typically deserted, leaving copious amounts of room and silence to get work done. Wi-Fi may be password protected, but a passing employee likely won’t mind divulging the access code if you ask nicely.


During the day, bars are just like coffee shops, only better. You also likely won’t have to fight for table space with all the other writers crammed into the coffeehouse.

Fast Food Restaurant

McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Subway, Taco Bell, and others all offer free Wi-Fi. In the ongoing fast food wars, these restaurants are all trying to one-up one another with new amenities. Take advantage of it to get some work done—just take it easy on the snacking.

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Not just a great spot to people watch. Most airports offer the same amenities as those mentioned before—Wi-Fi, food, bathrooms, plenty of space, ambient noise, inspiration, etc. Plus, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of traveling or missing your flight.

Co-Working Spaces

This option is definitely great, but can end up being fairly expensive. Co-working spaces are a hot new trend and growing fast. Every major city and most mid-major cities are filling up with these unique shared spaces. Typically, they can be paid by the day or monthly, and certainly gives the feel of “going” to work, but on your own terms.