Easy Ways to Improve Your Pinterest Descriptions

July 31st, 2013 by Search Influence Alumni

Pinterest 2

By now, we should all know that Pinterest is a great tool for businesses. But, since Pinterest is so visually centered, what you may not have thought about is the importance of your written content.

After you have your About section properly filled out and you’ve established your boards, it’s time to direct your attention to your pin descriptions. Some of the biggest mistakes that you can make are not spending enough time writing descriptions and not editing repins.

Whatever industry you may be in, it’s never a good idea to repin content that has a description written in the first person. Since there’s no need for a stranger to be essentially speaking on behalf of you or your organization, take advantage of the description, and use it as an opportunity to appeal to the reader.

Instead of keeping an existing description like, “Everyone in my family loved this recipe,” it would be more effective to draw your reader in with descriptive language. Your audience is more likely to click on a pin with a description like, “This unique DIY skirt is both casual and comfy. All you need is a yard of fabric, elastic, thread, and 30 minutes to spare, and you’ve got a new addition to your wardrobe!”

You can also keep it short and sweet. If your descriptions aren’t complete sentences, pick a format and stick to it to keep your pins looking neat and uniform. If, for example, you choose to use title case, make sure that you apply that format to your other descriptions. As pin descriptions, “Sweet Southern Iced Tea” and “Quick and Easy Garlic Dinner Rolls” look better than, “Sweet southern iced tea.” and “Quick & Easy garlic dinner rolls.”


In short…

Take time to make sure that your pin descriptions are saying what you want them to say and not what someone 5 pins ago might have said.

Use descriptive language that will make your reader want to come back to you or your organization for quality pins.

Clean up your text so that it is aesthetically pleasing to the reader and they can quickly scan for the information that they want.