Does My Business Really Need a Google My Business Page?

April 4th, 2016 by Search Influence Alumni


In today’s interconnected world, businesses are putting a lot of effort toward getting their name out there on social media. The two biggest social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter, are used by businesses in all industries to connect with potential customers. The social exposure achieved through Facebook and Twitter is very important for businesses to market to and connect with customers and clients. Another social media platform, Google My Business, is very important to a business’s online success for a number of different reasons. Around here, one question we usually hear from our clients is “Why Google My Business?” Below are some ways that having a presence on Google My Business can help a business succeed online through more SEO-focused means!

1. The Maps Pack: Establishing a Local Presence

One important reason for having an established presence on Google My Business is what we like to call the “maps pack.” Without having a Google My Business page, a business will not show up in the local results at the top of the search engine results page. These results are presented as a map with pins representing each business, with information (website, phone number, address) below that is pulled from Google My Business. These more visual results allow the user to gauge the geography of businesses they potentially want to visit.

This maps pack feature creates fierce competition for local businesses. Ever since a recent update to the maps pack, which reduced the number of businesses listed in the local search results from seven to three, having a presence on Google My Business has become even more important. Optimizing the Google My Business page allows a business to make sure that their information in the maps pack will be correct when they are included.

Not showing up in the maps pack means less traffic through the search engine results, and due to the prominence of the maps pack in the mobile search results, say goodbye to a large amount of mobile clicks. As we all know, the further down a business is in the Google search results, the less likely users are to click into its information. As you can see below, showing up in the maps pack is very attractive to potential customers. Now isn’t that an SEO company you would want to hire?

Maps Pack Image

2. Reviews!

Another benefit of having an active Google My Business page is the importance of online reviews. Remember the “maps pack” we just discussed? A study by Digital Marketing Works shows a strong correlation between Google My Business reviews and showing up in the maps pack in the local search results. Search engines strive to give searchers a great user experience, so they lean toward sending users to a business that other people have rated highly online.

Also, having these Google My Business reviews displayed prominently on the maps pack and Google search results will help convince customers to click through. In fact, ratings and reviews are some of the most influential SEO factors in getting users to convert into customers and to purchase your goods or services. Due to this high conversion rate, having these trusted Google My Business ratings and reviews in the search results and maps pack is very important for businesses trying to market themselves online!

3. Google Publisher

Another reason Google My Business is important is the effect it can have on Google Publisher. Adding Google Publisher to your site allows your Google My Business information to show up in the “Knowledge Graph.” Triggered by a branded search, the Knowledge Graph is the window of information that shows up on the side of the search results page. This information (reviews, photos, hours, and address) comes straight from Google My Business and serves as a great first look at a website. Having an optimized and active Google My Business page allows the correct business information and more ratings/reviews to show in this knowledge graph. This can gain users’ trust and make them more likely to click into your business’s site! Below, you can see how a branded search for a company allows this Knowledge Graph to load and show more information about the business.

Knowledge Graph Image

Making sure you are active on Google My Business can definitely help with social interactions and getting your brand established in social media, but the benefits of this platform go far beyond that. Activity and having correct information on your Google My Business page go a long way toward improving your business’s SEO and your ability to convert clicks into customers.