Do You Know The Way to (SES) San Jose

August 15th, 2008 by Will Scott

As it turns out I have a spared full pass to SES San Jose. One of my team mates couldn’t make it.

So, anybody who’s been procrastinating rejoice! You’ll have to sport the brand of my friend Mike Jansma’s online jewelry store Gem Affair. They have a great selection of birthstone jewelry

by the way.

Since we bought way ahead in bulk we only paid $850 or so, and so for you (because I like you) I’ll happily give it up for $500.00.

Yes, that’s less than a third of the going rate. What a bargain!

And now for a musical interlude:

Oh, one more thing. If anybody won’t be making their speaking engagement in link building, local search or small business related panels I’d be happy to stand in 🙂

We now return to our scheduled broadcast.