Big List Of SEO Blogs … These are Blogs You Should Read!

March 29th, 2012 by Search Influence Alumni

cast my net for collecting SEO blogs

I cast a big net in asking all of our employees for their favorite internet marketing blogs

We often tell our junior-most employees to read SEO blogs to expand their knowledge. (I have heard this instructed to our freshest faces about 3 times in the last week.) The more experienced staff is humble enough to say in a very matter-of-fact voice, “I don’t have all of the answers.” And in this industry where things change daily, keeping up with the latest has to be an active task by many.

I was trying to compile a list of SEO related blogs for our newer employees to read and keep up with to help them grow their knowledge and hopefully to stir some entrepreneurial spirit. We love when we hear,

“Hey, I was reading about this thing, and I was thinking we can try it for that client X.”

Reading industry blogs and innovative thinking, trying to apply the things you’re reading about are all good things we encourage.

To compile this all encompassing list o’ blogs, I cast a big net in asking all of our employees for their favorite internet marketing blogs. Wowsa! We have a lot of folks around here truly interested in the industry and in honing their own skills. I got a lot of response by a lot of team members. I have quoted 4 of our contributors because their responses were the most comprehensive.

Joseph Henson, our resident Local Search Marketing Specialist, kicked off the responses with a fairly comprehensive list.SEO blogs from Joseph

Doug Thomas loves research and has a real interest in the technical side of things, i.e. he likes to see what makes things tick. SEO bogs from Doug

He mixed it up with a list of blogs clearly showing what he’s interested in and gotta love his commentary:

Our fearless leader, Will Scott, added a few more …  SEO blogs from Will

Julia Ramsey is our go-to for excellent writing, great editing, and extraordinary blogging. SEO blogs from Julia

She threw in a few more blogs worthy of our list:

We inspired Will with our list of reading sources, and in that inspiring light, he created a Google Reader bundle which should allow you to grab the whole group. Thanks, Will, for making it easy for the world to keep up with the latest and greatest in SEO!

If you read one of the above blogs, we are interested in your feedback.  Or if you regularly read an SEO or internet marketing blog that is not listed here, please let us know. We would love to check it out!


(Thanks to Brian for the net casting image – nice pic!)