A Drive Down Leigh Circle

February 19th, 2014 by Search Influence Alumni

If I know one thing about Search Influence, it’s that we would be nothing without the help of our Development Department. Starting with one member, Luke Ledet, in 2010, the department has grown quickly to 11 people in correlation with our expanding company. They work tirelessly to improve not only our client’s websites, but also our company’s website, software, and many things I could never dream of comprehending.

Dev department

With the growth of the department comes the need for additional leadership. Different groups have formed, each focusing on different aspects of development. As of early February, Luke Ledet has moved from Web Development Manager to Manager of Technology and Development, overseeing internal products, tasks, software, and anything that will make our lives easier. With this change, Leigh Aucoin takes over as Lead Developer, heading a team of four development members, including our newest Developers, Darin Acosta and Jakia Norah.

About Leigh

Since starting at Search Influence in 2010 as a member of the Production Department, Leigh quickly made the transition to Development after volunteering to help with websites and programming. As a “Mini Boss,” a nickname Leigh created himself, he focuses on what Search Influence does for client websites, reviews tasks, and creates tutorials and training documentation to ensure his team members, and the rest of the Development Department, are capable of handling a variety of tasks.

leigh lil drum

Leigh’s Team

Leigh oversees David Fransen, Andre Eble, Darin Acosta, and Jakia Norah in addition to working on a lengthy task list of his own. His role includes answering all their task-related questions, increasing productivity, and providing leadership and guidance.

Goals For Development

As with any new manager, Leigh has several goals, hopes, and dreams for his team, including a DJ booth, more automation of tasks, and the overall ability to teach and share knowledge. With the automation of simple tasks comes more time to focus on complex systems and processes, giving Leigh and Luke the opportunity to delegate more work and for team members to develop areas of expertise.

In addition to developing web expertise, Leigh hopes to continue the awesome team atmosphere and increase communication between departments at Search Influence by breaking down the technology barrier.