5 for Fridays — Links, Stories, & Posts for Your Weekend

August 10th, 2012 by Search Influence Alumni

1. How to Get a Video to Rank on YouTube — SEOMoz

With a little help, your video can rank higher for competitive terms on YouTube. The team at SEOmoz went to the whiteboard to give us all a lesson on uploading more effective content on the web’s biggest video resource. Use this advice to increase your views and improve your campaign.

2. London 2012 – A Very Social Olympic Games — Media Bistro

The 2012 games might be remembered as the first truly social Olympics. Facebook and Twitter have hosted an unprecedented amount of social interaction about the events, the athletes, and the coverage. This SEO.com infographic takes a look at why 2012 became the year of the Socialympics.

3. Think Twice Before You Jump on the Guest Blogging Bandwagon — Blind 5-Year-Old

Getting links is not as easy as it used to be before the Penguin update. This has convinced some SEOs to turn to guest blogging when they want more exposure. The author of this post thinks you should avoid the temptation to trade your original ideas for a link and a temporary spotlight. See if you agree with his take on guest blogging.

4. Capturing Unrealized Revenue Through Keyword Order Analysis — Search Engine Watch

The author of this post ran an experiment comparing the performance of primary keyword phrases and reordered secondary phrases. Starting with the hypothesis that targeting some reordered combinations could uncover unrealized profits, the testing revealed some interesting insights that could help search engine marketers expand their campaigns.

5. Study: YP Delivers “Better Value” Than Google AdWords — Search Engine Land

A recent study found that advertisers enjoy a significantly lower “cost per call” when using YP.com versus Google AdWords. The extensive survey covered 62 businesses in 20 different categories across 18 US cities. Is heavy competition driving up prices in Google AdWords, or is this study just bunk?