5 For Friday – War Of The Week’s 5 Kings: Apple, BTC, Google, Pinterest, & IG

September 5th, 2014 by admin

1. It’s Gold, It’s Gold Baby: The New iPad Air, That Is – Business Insider

Apple is releasing a gold version of the iPad Air with the new launch. With the iPhone 6 being launched next week, the next Apple event in line will be in October. According to MacRumors, the new iPad Air 2 is suspected to include some features similar to the iPhone 5s: fingerprint recognition and an 8MP rear camera.

Fingers crossed everyone can get gold iPads that match their gold iPhones just in time for the holidays!

2. KnCMiner Throws A Lasso Around The Moon For Bitcoin – TechCrunch

Since last December, KnCMiner has made some hard core ASIC systems to move BTC markets shortly after deployment. Now they’ve announced “a $14 million Series A to help build out new mining chips along with hosted mining services.” This ASIC chip upgrade is expected to come on-stream next year.

As a company that doesn’t actively look for funding, their miners generally sell out immediately at the commence of pre-order periods. In the past, this has allowed them to fund the entire venture independently, but they plan to look for $70 million in funding for future upgrades to a Series B to grow in capacity along with the appreciation of Bitcoin’s price.


3. Google Crushing and How to Survive Q4 With Intense Competition – Search Engine Watch

No, this isn’t about our awesome Google+ Crush infographic (although it should be).  Mary Weinstein of Search Engine Watch posted 4 things that you can do to improve your e-commerce strategy.

1. Improve Brand Perception using Google Special Offers, Seller Ratings, and Product Ratings.

2. Make Feed Changes to optimize your AdWords campaigns.

3. Optimize Big Data by using Google data for Google Shopping campaigns.

4. Leverage Search Trends, such as the growth of the mobile e-commerce segment to do location targeting.

4. Pinterest Becomes The Ultimate Creeper – Marketing Land

This past week, social bookmarking network, Pinterest, sent emails to some of its users congratulating them on upcoming weddings, even some who aren’t actually planning a wedding at the moment. Talk about poor targeting.

The nature of a site like this is that a lot of people create “dream” and “inspiration” boards without the intention of following through with their pinned desires. So naturally, there are a lot of “dream wedding” boards out there for people who aren’t even remotely close to a wedding day. Luckily, the improperly emailed users mostly found it amusing and took no offense.

Amusingly enough, Pinterest came out with a funny statement to New York Magazine’s Daily Intelligencer saying that they email these category-specific boards to users every week. This one was meant for those simply interested in wedding content and not just those getting married. They ended the statement with, “We’re sorry we came off like an overbearing mother who is always asking when you’ll find a nice boy or girl.” In my opinion, that’s a great way to turn it around.

5. Spring 2015 Fashion Week Is Upon Us, You NEED To Follow Some Designer Instagrams – Huffington Post

You might not be cool enough to intern for a designer or be backstage for all of Fashion Week’s best shows, but you are totally cool enough to know where to look to find your fashion fix.

Thanks to Huffington Post’s 60 designers to follow, there’s an easy way to keep up with the fashion world. Some of my faves from the list are @zac_posen (designer), @stellabugbee (editorial director of The Cut), and @chloenorgaard (model). One of my personal favorites who didn’t make the list is the fashion photographer Jamie Beck @annstreetstudio.


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