4 Tips to Make Your Social Media Rock as Hard as Your Band Does

October 12th, 2015 by Search Influence Alumni

Social media is vitally important to any musician group wishing to increase their recognition online. Facebook and Twitter both give way to expansive audiences and have become necessary in establishing an online presence. Band profiles have become a must-have for any local band wishing to increase its online presence. Amateur bands have been granted some great opportunities online, while the already-competitive industry has gained a new dynamic.

Being in a band takes much more than talent and charisma. You also have to put in the time to gain recognition. There is no better way to do that than through social media. Here are some best practices for any band just starting out on Facebook and Twitter:

1. Keep Connected

Having a band profile on a social media channel isn’t just about promoting yourself. Of course you’re going to want to put your name out there to gain some attention, but no one wants to hear about your band every single time you post. One of the best ways to promote and actually develop solid relationships in the process is to connect with other local bands. If you’re familiar with a local band, you don’t have to be shy about it. Give them a shout out, tell your followers to check them out or even link to one of their videos. At the end of the day, they are trying to make it just like you, and they will no doubt appreciate the gesture. They might even return the favor.

10:9 Anthony Armstrong

2. Keep a Consistent Presence

Even if it’s just a simple post to engage your followers, posting consistently reminds people that the band is still around and still active. No, you shouldn’t post three times a day about your upcoming shows or that one single you just released, but giving your followers and friends a bi-weekly update on what the band has been up to is a great way to seem active. You will also want to devote some attention to updates in your specific music scene. Post some of the latest video releases from popular bands, or link to related articles. This shows that you are keeping up with the most recent developments and trends, giving your band a sense of professionalism. It also helps to follow the 70-20-10 rule.

Social Media 70-20-10 Rule Image

3. Keep It Lean

Many times, local bands will approach their social media channels with a bit of overkill. This comes from the common belief that any social media activity is good activity. The simple fact is that no one wants to scroll through 800 pictures of your band’s last few shows, the reason being that those shows probably don’t seem very different, and a few good pictures of one show are a lot more digestible than a mass upload from your SD card. Another mistake bands often make is attaching an excessively long biography. Your followers are not going to commit to reading a lengthy bio about your rise from nothing in the mean streets of your hometown. This makes you sound delusional and self-absorbed. Let’s try for a little more humble!

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4. Keep On Keeping On!

Over-promoting your band isn’t the best way to develop an online presence, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still promote. Consistently releasing material is crucial to the process. One of the hardest struggles of being in a local band is how quickly your band can fall under the radar. Your followers are only interested if you are interested. Releasing a song every few months and adding it to your band profile is a great way to show that your band is still prominent. If your band has developed merchandise (shirts, accessories, etc.), then post about this with visual representations. Your followers are more likely to pay attention to these types of posts, and it will continue to increase your credibility.

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Social media offers some of the best outlets for local bands who want to become more than that. Properly utilizing these features can bring significant change to a band’s presence and overall recognition. So be consistent, be original, and have fun with it!