Will Scott Featured in Mike Blumenthal’s Loci 2008

January 21st, 2009 by Will Scott

I’ve been so busy with the turn of the year that I forgot to mention that I had a rare opportunity to contribute to Mike Blumenthal’s Loci 2008.

For those of you who don’t know, Mike is THE authority on Google Maps and Local.

I’m very proud to have been asked to take part and would gladly do it again!

My contribution is here, excerpt follows:

Search Influence has been in business since 2006 but 2008 is the year I realized there is a community of like-minded folks and engaged with that community.

I made an offhanded comment on Tim’s blog for which Mike called me out and the rest is history.

I had the good fortune to meet David and Alex

at SES ‘07 in San Jose and David has been kind enough to prod me from time to time.

No review of Local in ‘08 would be complete without David’s seminal work “The Local Search Ranking Factors“.

So, David asks, I contribute — surely not as knowledgeably as some and it leads to one of the most valuable events I’ve attended: The SLOMO Local Search Sit Down as chronicled in David’s conference recap. Talk about some heavy hitters — the biggest names in Local Search around one table for the evening.

Thank you Mike for including me. You flatter me.