Why You Wish You Could Work on Oak Street

February 17th, 2014 by Search Influence Alumni

To those of you who are not familiar with New Orleans and all the wonderful neighborhoods, shops, restaurants, activities, and festivals, you’re missing out. Though I’ve only lived in New Orleans the last year and a half, I’ve become very familiar with this awesome city and what it has to offer. Each week there is new festival or fun event to attend, and it is literally impossible to eat at every restaurant in the city in a lifetime.

Oak Street tiles - New Orleans

While there are many great areas and aspects to the city, my absolute favorite is Oak Street. This is where my second home (work) is and where my coworkers and I spend most of our free time. Nestled snugly between the streetcar line and railroad track, Oak Street is located in the Black Pearl neighborhood which is very close to Tulane and Loyola Universities, Audubon Park, and the zoo. This also lends to a diverse mixture of age groups living within a few block of each other.

Food And Drinks

Jacques Imo's

The variety of people in the area leads to an eclectic blend of businesses on Oak Street. There really is something for everyone. For instance, Oak Wine Bar below our office is a staff favorite for their happy hour drink specials. And they hosted our most recent company holiday party!

Maple Leaf Bar is a great place for live music or to kill time while you wait for a table at the famous Jacques-Imo’s, a popular tourist spot and a local favorite! The lucky few get to eat in the truck!

The majority of my favorite memories are taking a long Friday lunch break at either Tru Burger or Cowbell. While on opposite ends of Oak St. and very opposite in menu and style, they both make a great burger! Both are great places to stop and enjoy a meal.

Old school charm is what makes Oak St. businesses stand out, even the newest business on the block, a chain restaurant called https://mellowmushroom.com/location/la-new-orleans-8227-oak-street-70118/, feels like its been here forever.


Fresh Smoothies New OrleansIn addition to the amazing restaurants and bars on Oak, you can also find a wide range of shops. The chic furniture shop Eclectic Home is great for the urban dweller looking to liven up there living space. Situated a few store fronts down is the always delicious D’ Juice. Boasting the freshest smoothies blended with fresh fruit and veggies, it is a great stop for a refreshing recharge. Located just across the street from D’ Juice is the Castellon Pharmacy. Stepping in there feels like a blast from the past. This old pharmacy continues to maintain its unique charm in the ever changing world we live in.


The unique culture of New Orleans and Oak St. could not be better represented than by the enormously beautiful Catholic church, Mater Dolorosa. The church takes up a good portion of the block and it’s chorus of singing church bells can be heard many blocks away. The church and the eclectic shops are a constant reminder of the city’s rich history rooted in many religions and long time acceptance of all cultures.

Mater Dolorosa Larger Image


Po Boy Fest Poy BoyOnce a year Oak Street gets even more exciting, playing host to the famous Po Boy Festival. The Po Boy is unique to New Orleans and is a favorite dish amongst locals. Restaurants from all over the city gather to share their own creations with festival goers as live music blares from a stage set up smack in the middle of the road.

The reasons we love the Oak Street and working here every day are endless. There are so many great places to enjoy and there is something here for everyone. I know our time on Oak Street will come to an end one day, but until then I plan to take advantage of all the great things it has to offer.