Triumph of the WhoDat Nation, The Saints & New Orleans

February 8th, 2010 by Will Scott

Who dat?

Who dat?

Who dat say dey gonna beat dem saints?

#whodat - from Maitri

#whodat - from Maitri

The above is my best approximation of the phonetic for the entire “Who Dat” chant. Who Dat, used to be a very personal, private New Orleans thing. I was in New York a few weeks ago visiting my mother and she asked “What’s this ‘Who Dat?’ thing all about”?.

And yes, I use my mother as my barometer for ubiquity. For instance, when my mother’s on Facebook everyone is on Facebook.

The New Orleans Saints have been a source of pride and frustration for the city of New Orleans since their founding 40-some years ago. I did not grow up in New Orleans but have lived here better than half my life and New Orleans is my home and the Saints are my team.

“Who Dat?” was a direct opposition to the “Ain’ts” contingent who would go to the games with bags on their heads for shame.

The Saints are making our city proud, and the nation is screaming Who Dat?

Sorry Indianapolis, this wasn’t your year.

But what is this symbolic of really? It’s symbolic of a New New Orleans – the kind of New Orleans which is nurturing of Entrepreneurship. The kind of New Orleans where we have a Mayor’s race with nearly a dozen candidates with many great options.

And then, this. The best belated Christmas present imaginable. Better than 100 golden King Cake babies. The New Orleans Saints have brought it home for the WhoDat Nation and won the Super Bowl.

This surely bodes well.

Isnt that just awesome?

Isn't that just awesome?

Now Thats a New Orleans Saints Fan

Now That's a New Orleans Saints Fan

Shame on you NFL.

Shame on you NFL

Shame on you NFL