Two New Hires Join Search Influence

August 12th, 2016 by Search Influence Alumni

Kayla Fletcher and Mildred Padilla recently joined our team at Search Influence.


Kayla Fletcher

Kayla is our newest Junior Internet Marketing Assistant. Born and raised in New Orleans, she is currently a senior at the University of New Orleans, studying English with a concentration in Creative Writing. Prior to Search Influence, she worked at Barnes and Noble and spent most of her time in the children’s department. Kayla enjoys running, reading novels and comic books, watching movies until she falls asleep, and listening to Prince really loud when she’s home alone. Kayla is also into cars, and she wants to learn how to drift someday.

Mildred Padilla

Mildred is delighted to join the Operations Team as the new Search Influence Product Manager. After graduating from Loyola University New Orleans, she went on to work as a Product Manager at Warner Brothers in the United Kingdom and then at Google Android in Silicon Valley. She is also an avid film fan. Upon her return to New Orleans last year, she worked on over a dozen TV shows and movies filmed locally as a featured background actor. Her last role this summer was as a nurse on the upcoming Wolverine 3 film.

Welcome aboard, Kayla and Mildred.