Top 10 for the Weekend – June 18, 2010

June 18th, 2010 by Search Influence Alumni

And we’re back with a new edition of the “Top 10 for the Weekend,” a selection of relevant and useful links from around the web, typically with a local search and internet marketing focus.

Top 10 for the Weekend - June 18, 2010

Google Tags rolling out nationwide

Google’s newest feature for local business, Tags will begin rolling live across the country. For $25/month, a yellow tag will mark your local business for anything ranging from videos and photos to personal messages for your potential clients. It won’t affect your business ranking in maps, but it will make it stand out amongst the rest. We’re going to be doing some testing with this feature, so keep checking in for updates.

Only 10% Of Businesses Would Pay For foursquare: Survey

A recent study organized by Search Influence found that only around 10% of non-chain businesses would be willing to pay for foursquare as a marketing tool. Some of the reasons range from not knowing whether or not it is driving traffic to their business to just not fully trusting the newborn social media as a marketing tool. Regardless of the reasons I’m sure foursquare is alarmed by this figure.

2010 Local Search Ranking Factors

For the third year in a row, Search Influence was asked to place in David Mihm’s study on Local Search Ranking Factors, chosen from only 34 other businesses in the same field. The consensus: it’s anxiety inducing for everyone!

Google Exposes Your Competition

It looks like Google has begun exposing your competition on your very own Places page! How sneaky. Our friends over at attribute this to Google wanting to make their Places page a starting point for your search as opposed to an ending.

Why Local SEO is Harder Than SEOs Think

Anyone who tells you that local SEO is easy is being disingenuous.  This blog gives a nice, detailed reason as to why that is. That’s not to say it is never easy. It’s just that what works for one business in a specific location may not work for the other. It’s a trial and error game akin to chutes and ladders.

Yelp Reviews Back in Google Maps as their .COM Growth Stops

Not since Ross and Rachael has there been an on again off again relationship as engrossing as Yelp and Google’s. Well, it looks like they’re back on for the time being! The sharp decline in Yelp’s customers seems to be the driving motivation here. Let’s see if it’ll last this time!

Four reasons why Lady Gaga has fans and you don’t

This blog finally makes me realize why- against my best efforts and judgments- I can’t help but like Lady Gaga! It’s because she’s not just a pop star, but an SEO star as well! It all makes so much sense now…

9 Expert SEO Tips for Small Businesses

Most companies don’t like to divulge their secrets to success. We here at Search Influence aren’t most companies, though. That’s why we’re sharing this blog by Anita Campbell with you. We agree when she says, “…the more you know about a subject, the better you are able to ask informed questions, hire qualified professionals, and make good decisions to enhance your Web presence.”

Social Media Mythbusting For The C-Suite

For the life of me, I will never understand why some people are averse to taking the plunge into social media. This blog will equip you with the armor necessary to combat anybody- including your boss- who isn’t on board this train.

WebVisible Documents ‘The Great Divide’

This short documentary discusses the gap between business owners and customers and how they find each other.  It offers a unique insight straight from the mouths of your potential customers and why sometimes you fail to connect with them.