The Write Stuff: Search Influence’s Freelancer Community

August 7th, 2015 by Search Influence Alumni

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Search Influence’s mission is to help businesses succeed online, and one of the ways we do that is by delivering high-quality content, from engaging blog posts to specialized website content and more. Talented freelance writers are a vital part of our content creation process. In fact, we’ve developed some great tools for managing our entire content creation process as well as an internal team of editors to ensure our freelance community is diverse and vibrant. Now it’s time we shine a spotlight on our talented community members and offer a look into what it’s like to work as a freelancer for Search Influence.

Who Can You Find Freelance Writing for Search Influence?

Saying that the Internet is diverse would be an understatement, so producing quality content means having a diverse team. Our community includes professional freelancers, students in undergraduate and professional programs, stay-at-home parents, world travelers (as I write this, we have freelancers spending time in Chile, Indonesia, and Italy), and more. We are always thrilled to match the right content with the right writer, whether that means a journalism student getting the chance to write a press release or an aspiring comic taking a crack at Twitter posts or blogs.

Developing a Diverse Writing Community

Over time, we have learned that our writers’ particular expertise is their greatest asset, so we’ve spoken to freelancers to identify the biggest challenges to leveraging that expertise to produce quality content. We have adjusted our grading scale to prioritize original and in-depth work, in order to encourage writers to focus on producing informative, natural content. Meanwhile, although our editorial team ensures all writing meets our standards for quality, we don’t penalize writers over minor technical mistakes. These changes encourage our freelancers to write content that improves our clients’ online presence by conveying valuable content to their audiences.

We have also taken steps to make sure our freelance community benefits from these changes. First, we raised our pay rates to ensure our writers felt how much we value them. Then, in Spring 2015, Search Influence created a new position, the Freelance Community Coordinator—that’s me—to develop our freelance community by providing valuable training to all of our writers. Before coming to Search Influence, I worked as both a writer and a writing instructor. I taught college writing courses and published articles and a book about Eastern Europe. I also worked as a freelance editor for international corporate and governmental clients, so I’m familiar with the freelancer perspective. In the coming year, I’ll be using that experience and insider knowledge to help Search Influence’s writers develop their freelance writing and professional skills.

Matching Talent with Content

Our freelancers come from many walks of life, so we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to workloads. We’ve developed a new software system in-house that allows writers to select their own tasks. This way, writers can select the assignments that best match their skills and interests. They can also take on as much or as little work as they want, based on their schedule.

This means that, at Search Influence, freelancers can decide to take on full-time workloads or only occasionally grab work when they need it. According to Mary S., that’s made a big difference: “The change in the system which allows writers to choose jobs from a list has been a huge improvement … Because of Search Influence’s system, I’ve been able to continue working at a slower pace and dedicate more time to my family.” Joel F., who freelances full-time, also sees the new system as a big improvement: “As a bonus, I like the modern task selection system, which allows me to schedule my work week according to the volume I can handle.”

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Why They Choose Freelance Writing for Search Influence

Rather than telling you how our writers feel about writing for us, I’ll let them give their own review of freelancing for Search Influence:

Katie D. enjoys having a writing career that gives her the freedom to make her own work schedule. “I decided to seek out projects independently. I love the diversity of assignments. I also appreciate the flexibility, especially with a family,” she said. It only took her a few months to prove she’s an exceptionally well-rounded writer who’s dedicated to her work.

Over 10 years of freelancing, Mary S. has built up an impressive list of clients. She appreciates the variety of topics and media she can write at Search Influence. “The flexibility and variety of jobs is important to keeping my motivation strong … Having a variety of topics and clients helps keep things interesting and presents new challenges with each job.” Freelance writing for Search Influence has also made Mary incredibly adept at capturing the tone and message of specific clients—so much so that we’ve even had clients specifically request her work!

For Joel F., who has experience in everything from content production to graphic design, freelancing is about preparing for the future. “To put it simply, freelance writing is a fantastic way to practice. Formal tone, business style, marketing tactics, every one of these genres is explored regularly … My goal is to hone my marketing skills in writing so that when I eventually want to promote myself and my own businesses, I have all the skills already finely sharpened.” Joel has diligently developed time-management skills that have made him one of our most productive writers.

We are proud to count Katie, Mary, and Joel among the talented freelancers writing for Search Influence. As our freelance community continues to grow, we will continue to refine our system to provide them with valuable training and the flexibility to set their own schedules and develop their own specialties, all while continuing to deliver high-quality content that helps businesses succeed online.

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