The Search Influence Life: A Six-Month Update

October 9th, 2013 by Shane Kretzmann

I’m coming up on the six-month mark here at Search Influence, and in these last six months, I’ve come to really enjoy this company.  I’ve always been rather picky about where I work, as I like an atmosphere that encourages learning and team work.  I believe in positive reinforcement for a job well done and recognize the need for constructive criticism to ensure your work is up to the high standards clients deserve.  I prefer to dress casual, as I believe working comfortably and being yourself produces higher quality work consistently.  I’m a single father, and on occasion I have to leave work in order to make appointments with my son’s school or doctor. Because of that, I need an employer that can understand this and allow me some flexibility to ensure both my work and home responsibilities are taken care of.

shane blogDuring my job hunting several months ago, I turned down several employment offers from companies that still believe in stuffy uptight office environments with little to no personality.  I accepted the offer to work here at Search Influence, because it seemed to have all of the qualities I look for.  I’m so happy to report Search Influence has delivered on all of my personal requirements in a job — and even gone above and beyond my expectations!

My fellow employees are amazing, and they aren’t afraid to show you how much they appreciate it when you provide quality work.  This place is FULL of highly competent experts in the field — all more than willing to help another co-worker at a moment’s notice.  The management here comes through on its promises, encourages personal growth and seems to understand that happy employees are productive employees!  The internal team building committee provides paid time for co-workers to enjoy each other’s company outside of the office as well. I’m looking forward to kicking butt in the upcoming laser tag game!

So thanks to Search Influence and to my fellow co-workers for making this the perfect job for me!