The Search Influence Education

September 5th, 2013 by Search Influence Alumni

Affecting a smooth transition into any company requires an emphasis on education at the outset. From best practices and company traditions to memorizing industry protocols and even coworkers’ names, there’s definitely a lot to learn. For the first few weeks, even the first few months, your new job may feel like a trip back to grade school. Eventually you graduate, but hopefully the learning never stops.

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This is especially so at Search Influence, where our clients come from a variety of industries, are located across the country and have a wide range of goals. Through these clients, Search Influencers are continuously granted unique insight into expertise other than our own. A week’s work may require us to brush up on the qualities of stainless steel, the psychology of a floor plan or the history of beer. As to what Search Influence itself offers, we know the qualities of a good website, we embrace teamwork no matter our floor plan, and coffee is our beverage of choice.

Some fields interest different people while others don’t, but familiarizing ourselves with clients’ industries is a vital part of our work. We make efforts every day to pick up more and more knowledge from each client so to properly represent them and act in their best interest. That’s one of the main things I’ve learned here at Search Influence–knowing the basics of a wide variety of subjects can help in ways that more specialized knowledge cannot. Each day, I strive to learn more about our clients, and I always learn something new. Hopefully this makes me more able to understand clients’ motivation and give them exactly what they need to succeed.