Search Influence Reviews: Here Are 4 NOLA Restaurants Where 2 Can Dine for Under $50

August 15th, 2016 by Search Influence Alumni

With over 1,400 restaurants to choose from, deciding where to dine in New Orleans is no small feat. With tempting options from world-famous chefs like Alon Shaya, John Besh, and Emeril Lagasse, deciding where you can afford to dine in New Orleans can be a challenge as well. There are workarounds—you can stalk Groupon discounts, eat exclusively at happy hours, or skip the entree and only buy appetizers, drinks, and dessert. However, sometimes you just have to know where to go. Here are four great restaurants around the Crescent City where two people can dine for under $50—tax and tip included.

#1: St. Roch Market

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Located in the Bywater, St. Roch Market was originally built in 1875 as a neighborhood open-air market. In 2015, it was refurbished after destruction by Katrina and 10 years of abandonment. The new market features an airy, black and white interior, complete with stately columns and stalls for 13 local vendors. This bustling locale combines the convenience and variety of a food court with the atmosphere and quality food of fine dining.

The wide array of dishes and vendors provides an endless combination of foods and prices, but a few favorites are the Dirty Mac ‘n Cheese from Dirty Dishes—creamy smoked gouda mac and cheese with crawfish tails and tasso—and Nola Trio from Fete Au Fete—a combo platter featuring Crawfish poutine, red beans and rice, and shrimp and grits. Together, these dishes come to $25.63, leaving the other half of your budget free for cocktails or craft beers at the Mayhaw Bar.

#2: The Rum House

In a restaurant-packed corner of the Garden District, The Rum House stands out from the competition with its laid-back Caribbean atmosphere. Its colorful, outdoor picnic tables are packed at any hour of the afternoon or evening, and it lives up to its name by offering varieties of rum from over 20 countries.

While it can be tempting to split an enormous plate of Damn Good Nachos ($13.95) and spend the rest of your $50 on adorable margaritas served in mason jars, tacos are the true pride of The Rum House. Order several a la carte ($3.95–$4.25 each) or go for the Taco Trifecta, a combo platter featuring three tacos and a side. One great combination is the Brisket taco, the Lamb Vindaloo taco, and the vegetarian Rasta taco with a side of Coconut Mango Rice—$17.64 with tax and tip.

#3: Parkway Bakery & Tavern

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Located in Mid City, overlooking Bayou St. John, Parkway Bakery & Tavern serves some of the best po’boys in the city—just ask President Obama! The restaurant opened in 1911 as Parkway Bakery and started making their signature dish in 1929 to feed factory workers at the American Can Company across the bayou. Now, the walls are decorated with almost 100 years of NOLA paraphernalia, including framed newspapers, local high school banners, and historic political signs.

Parkway offers po’boys in two sizes: small ($3.65–$9.70) and large ($4.95–$13.55). While you can order the traditional lunchmeat options, seafood is the undeniable way to go. Keep it classic with fried shrimp or oysters dipped in remoulade sauce from the sauce bar. If you’re feeling ambitious, go all in for the Surf and Turf—slow cooked roast beef topped with golden fried shrimp and gravy. Either way, two can eat lunch or dinner for well under your $50 budget.

#4: Cochon Butcher

Next door to award-winning Cochon in the CBD is Cochon Butcher, a combination butcher shop, sandwich counter, and wine bar. This niche restaurant offers a less expensive, more casual, and equally delicious opportunity to enjoy Cochon’s culinary creations. Providing all the charm and freshness of the rapidly disappearing neighborhood butcher, it also offers house meats and sausages sold by the pound.

All of Cochon Butcher’s sandwiches sell for $10–$12 before tax, but two delicious suggestions include Cochon Muffaletta—a twist on the classic Louisiana sandwich, featuring house meats—and the Pork Belly sandwich—complete with mint and cucumber on white bread. One sandwich each leaves plenty of your budget to use on local Louisiana beers, like the classic Abita Amber, Parish Brewing Envie Pale Ale, or Great Raft Reasonably Corrupt Black Lager.

Of course, these are just a few of the delicious and affordable restaurants that New Orleans has to offer. For further eating, check out Cowbell in Carrollton, Casa Borrega in Central City, or just wander down your street and see what tasty locations you can find!

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