Search Engine Optimization Guaranteed – That’s right, GUARANTEED

January 17th, 2007 by Will Scott

That’s right, I said “Search Engine Optimization Guaranteed“.
I’m constantly looking for new ways to energize our sales process at Search Influence. It seems like in most of my personal selling I find myself talking to larger clients – clients for whom there’s a good ROI in customized SEO and website promotion programs.

Whether it’s link-building or article marketing, there are always ways to promote a site – it’s sometimes just a matter of scale.

The jobs in which I have the greatest pride however are the smaller clients. The ones who take advantage of our introductory package and who get real value from it. And – here’s the crazy thing. They get guaranteed search engine optimization and promotion results. In other words, we can’t necessarily do that for the big guys. We make other guarantees. We guarantee placement sometimes or traffic, but for our introductory package if you fit the model we actually guarantee to double your traffic.

Why is this so important in the sales process? Well, if you know how many sales you’re getting today from your web site and we can double your traffic it stands to reason you’ll get nearly double the business.

So, the search engine optimization is guaranteed to bring you more traffic. We can’t guarantee more sales, but it does stand to reason.

Why don’t other marketing media guarantee traffic? What if the Yellow Pages guaranteed to double the number of calls you got? You’d probably buy a bigger ad woudn’t you?

So, economical SEO, a search engine optimization guarantee and you can’t lose. Plus, you get to be among those positioning themselves for the years to come when the search engines become even more critical.

It’s not here yet, but the time’s coming when search engines will get more references than Yellow Pages. (maybe then they’ll give a guarantee :))