Please Help Redesign The Search Influence Web Site

November 29th, 2008 by Will Scott

UPDATE: We have incorporated all of the weekend’s input and put together a new version ).

Please go have a look! And of course, feel free to look at the below and comment in either place.

My good friend and colleague Aimee Ellingsen, a fabulous designer who’s portfolio is a little overweight in plastic surgeon web sites, is helping me out with a redesign of the Search Influence web site.

Like many sites, the Search Influence site has grown organically and is now a bit of a jumbled mess.

So, Aimee being a diligent designer and a little obsessive has put together 3 gorgeous site layouts. They are by no means press ready but they sketch some broad strokes of concepts, colors and sensibility.

I’m not going to say which is my favorite (mostly because I have more than one) but I have elements of each that I love. These represent a great variety from which to choose. The biggest challenge is one of self-definition: who are we? what do we do? with whom do we want most to work? — all that kinda stuff.

Good questions. I know the answers to some and hopefully in this design process we’ll find answers to the rest.

You may click the image below to see the full size mock-up image.

Layout #1

Layout #2

Layout #3

Thanks in advance for your feedback! I’m excited to get this finalized and implemented (hopefully by the new year).


Update: It occurs to me, since I’m asking for your opinions, if you have sites which you think are good examples of what we’re after here please feel free to link to them in your comments.