Read This! January 2013

January 14th, 2013 by Search Influence Alumni

Every month, Search Influence brings you an array of directly applicable DIY solutions to help you compete online with our Read This! feature. See something that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

Five Steps To Successfully Navigate Negative Online Reviews — Search Engine Land

Has your business recently been victim of a negative review on a social platform such as Yelp? Don’t take legal action just yet: check out this article from Search Engine Land’s Neg Norton on the best ways to assess and address a bad review, merited or not.

Hot #Instagram Analytic Tools to Optimize Brand PR Power — Search Engine Watch

Is your brand on Instagram yet? If not, now’s the time to hop on. The image sharing service has announced the addition of new analytics tools from Nitrogram that allow you to know who’s looking at your content, what sources your traffic is coming from, and where to focus your efforts next.

What is Evergreen Content and Why Should You Care? — Search Engine Journal

We all know that keeping your blog updated with is the best strategy for promoting yourself as a thought leader and keeping your site fresh, but there’s a difference between breaking news and something that will stay relevant to your readers even as what’s en vogue changes. Check out this SEJ article on crafting timeless content to engage readers and capitalize on your blog long after the initial post date.

3 Tips For Effectively Growing & Managing Your Online Community — TopRank

Your online community is a vital part of conducting business and engaging with fans, but how to attract a committed group of individuals? TopRank’s Ashley Zeckman has some tips.

SEO 101: How Your Website’s Structure Affects its SEO — Search Engine Journal

If your website is a DIY project, this is where to turn. SEJ’s Sujan Patel takes us through the basics of making your site search engine friendly with plenty of beginner-friendly wisdom, including fluid site navigation, the importance of internal linking, and correct URL structure. Even professionals will find something worthwhile in here!