Search Influence Hires Mildred Padilla as Product Manager

August 29, 2016

Search Influence, an internet marketing company based in New Orleans, hired Mildred Padilla as its new product manager. She will coordinate the execution of plans for new online marketing products while improving existing products.

Padilla comes to the company with vast experience across a wide range of industries. She worked in software, commerce, marketing, and media. She specializes in transforming complex ideas into tangible products. During her time at Google, she worked on the YouTube and Android teams, where she helped launch the “Play” store. She devised a plan to effectively fuse the needs of the customers, movie and television studios and the development community. While at Warner Bros. and MGM, Padilla helped launch the latest Blu-Ray products and bring to life the latest installment of the Harry Potter franchise.

“At nearly 11 years old, Search Influence is a maturing company with a considerably more complex offering of services and products. We realize that we need someone whose sole focus is assuring our offerings are up to date and represent our best work,” said Will Scott, co-founder, and CEO of Search Influence.

Padilla will continue to develop the best practices while supporting internal and external customers in identifying new opportunities. “We’re excited to have someone with Mildred’s varied and relevant experiences to assure we’re able to support all of our clients in the manner they deserve as both the organization and our product offerings continue to mature,” added Scott.

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