Optimize Your Commute: Influencers Caught Ridin’ Sweaty

April 30th, 2015 by Search Influence Alumni

Search Influence Bike to Work Image

At Search Influence, biking to work is not a passing fad (and that’s not just because this is how our CEO Will Scott gets to work). Search Influence riders braved rainy weather conditions last week to ride in support of the 2015 NOLA Bike to Work Week, finishing among the top businesses citywide along the way.

Bike Easy’s 2015 Nola Bike to Work Week included a total of 35 New Orleans businesses participating, with more than 1,015 trips logged over the course of the eight-day challenge, according to Bike Easy.

Search Influence Bike to Work Image

Out of the 35 participating workplaces, Search Influence placed in the top five for two of the three pillars of the challenge. Though the team was small, we came in third place for the total number of trips our riders logged as well as fourth for the most new riders (first-time participants in NOLA Bike to Work Week).

For many members of the SI family, biking extends far beyond just one week a year—it is the way they commute to work daily. Some ride from Mid City, Central City, and Treme, while others come from as far as the Ninth Ward to get to the CBD. Influencer Mattie Kenny said her favorite part about biking to work is “connecting with my environment while I have ‘me time.’”

NOLA Bike to Work Week is one of many events throughout the year put on by Bike Easy, whose mission is to “make bicycle riding in New Orleans easy, safe, and fun.” To find out more about what Bike Easy is and how to get involved, you can check out its website here.

Search Influence Bike to Work Image