The New Linkedin Company Pages are Sexy

October 23rd, 2012 by Search Influence Alumni

Linkedin recently updated their drab design on company pages to a more vivid version, allowing companies to provide additional details on their company beyond a basic summary blurb on capabilities and industry relevance.

In the past, a Linkedin company page was regarded as a placemarker. It was an area in which companies could stake their claim to the world with a 200 word overview, an employee count and a collaborative area to which the page could post the occasional announcement.

Before the Twitter/Linkedin API breakup in June, the relevance of a company page was null. It seems that Linkedin is listening to user feedback by allowing companies to now optimize those profiles. The look and feel of the Linkedin company page has evolved to that of a social network for business. The new page allows higher engagement for company followers and interaction, as page administrators now have the option to post updates to “all followers” and a “targeted audience.”

The company profile now has a very “timeline-y” feel, allowing the positioning of a large cover image for the company representative of the brand. Status updates also hold a greater prominence in the Linkedin stream. This shift has made it easier for companies to feature the products they provide on the page; you can now list each individual product, along with product summary and an image on your “product” overview page.

In a bird’s eye view, one is able to assess the important key components of the business such as the location, website, size and specialties (keywords) for which the company caters to. The career page is more bold: if you are dishing out the $195 fee to feature a career on your page, it is optimized to come up prominently not only on your page, but also in the location that you are featuring said position in.

Overall, the updated Linkedin company page design is a winning move to fuel user engagement, connectivity and involve the businesses directly. By taking these strategic steps, Linkedin has positioned themselves as an invaluable source for business networking and mingling.