MonitorThis — Keep An Eye On Your Brand’s Online Reputation Without Lifting A Finger

May 31st, 2011 by Search Influence Alumni

While Google may seem as inescapable as the Empire, it’s not the primary search engine (nor English the primary language) of many areas of the world. As the Internet makes impressing potential customers and business partners in a cohesive manner more important, managing the different pages that these individuals will see when performing research on you becomes an intrinsic part of any online marketing campaign. Assessing your Internet reputation should be the first step in any management thereof. While a Google search “snapshot” is useful for the moment in which it is performed, it is by no means exhaustive of every single venue information users may have posted about your brand, and does not include the possibility for further exhaustive monitoring. Fortunately, a more sustainable solution exists for the brand info-junkie.

MonitorThis is a free service that collates results from 25 different global web resources into a single digest-style RSS feed. This list includes an impressive array of social media (from small-scale blog-focused projects such as blogdigger to the behemoth of Twitter), news aggregators like Google and Yahoo News, and sharing/discovery engines like Metacafe and Interestingly enough, Bing is also included in the sites aggregated– with its recent decision to start weighing Facebook likes into its SERP rankings, you’re getting a double whammy of meta-social search. The service observes results from all of these sources, updating its feed instantly so you can see your chosen keyword’s mention as soon as it’s indexed by the various engines’ spiders.

It’s unfeasible to track down every blog venue, review directory, social networking site and even article engine that may make mention of your brand or business, MonitorThis makes it easy to stay on top of every aspect of your online appearance. Simply import the OPML file into your favorite RSS reader and rest easy knowing you’ve got a watchful eye on your name and reputation.