Mobile Site SEO: Pier 1 vs. Crate and Barrel

March 14th, 2012 by Paula Keller French

Over the past year, we’ve been fielding many questions related to mobile websites — and specifically mobile site SEO. Should I get a mobile site? Where do I get a mobile site? Will a mobile site bring me more business? How will a mobile site affect my SEO?

In the midst of working on some mobile site specific tasks this week, I also happened to be doing some online browsing / shopping on my mobile device (iPhone 4).

I went furniture shopping yesterday evening (you know, at a real store) and found a piece of furniture that I liked.


Later, I went on my phone, and instead of going straight to Pier 1’s site and navigating through all the other pieces of furniture, I went to Google, as most users tend to do these days out of convenience, and typed in “Pier 1 Mia Headboard” — I was thrilled to see a search result that would lead me straight to the product page.

Mobile Site SEO: Pier 1 Search Results

I clicked on the result, and was let down when I was rerouted to the home page of their mobile site.

Mobile Site SEO: Pier 1 Mobile Site Homepage

It’s no surprise they are looking to hire an SEO Specialist… too bad the job posting on LinkedIn doesn’t call for someone with mobile site experience.

Mobile Site SEO: Pier 1 SEO Specialist Job Posting


On the other hand, I was also looking for Crate and Barrel bedding and did a similar search on Google.


Mobile Site SEO: Crate and Barrel Mobile Product Search Results


When I clicked on the result, I was pleased to be immediately taken to the correct section on the site.


Mobile Site SEO: Crate and Barrel Mobile Site Products Page


How can you be sure your mobile site is search engine friendly? There are a couple of different technical approaches to making mobile SEO happen, so stay tuned for a blog from the great Doug Thomas on how you can make it work best.


Have any examples of good or bad mobile sites that you love, or love to hate? Share with us! We just might use it in a future post on mobile website SEO!


Thanks to torley for the awesome lamp photo.