Mayor Maker iPhone app does what the name says

January 6th, 2011 by Search Influence Alumni

Oh, foursquare! I can’t decide whether I want to dump you or go steady by offering you my class ring to wear around your neck. With Facebook jumping on the location-based check in craze, it’s just easier to do it on the app I use constantly as opposed to the one I only use when I go to the grocery store or Super Cuts. The only problem is- and my wife can attest to this- I have an absolutely horrid memory. The pile of dishes that still tower in my sink is proof. I can only remember to use the feature sporadically.

This is where the Mayor Maker app comes in handy. It allows you to create a list of locations that you visit often and automatically checks you in when you go there. It does this by using geo-fencing, which lets the application know when you’re within a certain distance of the location.

There are many apps that do this, so why choose this one? What separates Mayor Maker from the rest is that it also checks you out when you leave! This is perfect for the user and their friends. No more showing up to a location only to find out your bud left already. More importantly, it benefits the business that can now keep track of how long the visitor stayed in the location. It’s like a bounce rate for your business!

The only problem is that it can automatically check you in when you simply pass by the location, as it did for me when I drove by my favorite local pizza joint on the way to work.

Don’t get wrong. I love pizza in the morning (did the Bagel Bites theme just pop into anyone else’s head), but it’s usually after a long Saturday night. The application gets around this by allowing the user to set a certain distance they must be within for it to post to foursquare. Problem with this is the iPhone’s often sub-par GPS function.

Despite the minor complaint, this app is perfect for anyone who has the memory span of a goldfish, such as yours truly. A++++ app would download again!