leavefeedback.org Mention at Small Business Marketing Unleashed

April 21st, 2008 by Will Scott

In this morning’s session at Small Business Marketing Unleashed Jennifer Laycock was talking about the value of ratings and reviews as a component of social media.

For those of you who don’t know, Search Engine Guide is putting on a show this week focused on small businesses: Small Business Marketing Unleashed .

I have been a huge fan of Search Engine Guide for a long time. I also plan to be a huge promoter of the next show.

For a first show this seems to be a pretty good turnout and even for someone like me who does this for a living there’s always something worth seeing.

What’s really interesting is that even thought these concepts are out of the mainstream, perhaps a little advanced, it’s presented in a way that I think is very accessible to the target market. Small businesses need a way to access this information and they’re not going to get that from the self-referential SEO conferences.

I love it.

Oh, so to the point, Jennifer was talking about ways that small businesses can engage social media. So often I say internet marketing is just like real life. Jennifer points to a number of ways in which this is true and mentioned the difficulty of small businesses incentivizing ratings and reviews.

I got a chance to bring up leavefeedback.org. I advise anyone who has a locally focused business sign up. It’s a great way to help your customers know where to go to leave you reviews.

And, keep an eye on Search Engine Guide and try to get out next time for Small Business Marketing Unleashed. If you have a business online they’ll become critical tools in your kit.