Influencers Flock to the Pelicans Game

March 31st, 2014 by Search Influence Alumni

Image Of Influencers At The Pelicans GameIt’s 4:30 PM on a Monday and where is Search Influence? On our way to the Pelicans vs. Nets game! It already did not feel like a typical Monday because Jack Black was filming a movie on the first floor of our building in Oak Bar, but our quarterly office team building event only added to the excitement.

I have only been with Search Influence for a little over three months, and I have already gotten to experience two company bonding events that made me feel welcome and appreciated. Not only did we receive tickets to the Pelicans game, we also had the Party Perch in the Smoothie King Center rented out so we could mingle beforehand. Thank you Team Building Committee! (Yes, we have a group of Influencers that take extra time to make sure our events are special!)

After a slow start, the Pelicans caught up with the Nets and went into overtime, which made our group go wild. We danced to the Wobble, Jump On It and other classic jams while we cheered for the Pelicans who shot multiple three-pointers and claimed their victory!


All in all, it was a very eventful Monday night and I’m glad I got to spend with my co-workers in my favorite city. I can’t wait to see what our Team Building Committee comes up with next to help our ever growing number of Influencers have fun together!