Influencer Profile: Megan Lindsey

October 26th, 2011 by Search Influence Alumni

Today we’re proud to profile Junior Account Associate Megan Lindsey! Megan was born and raised in Lafayette and is a graduate from the University of Louisiana, Lafayette in Mass Communications. She has a background in media, including commercial broadcasting, film and television production, and Account Management. She loves living in New Orleans and makes it out to as many live music shows and festivals as possible.

How did you get into marketing? Were you interested in online models or SEO from the start?

After I moved out here to New Orleans, I was really interested in being a part of a new and growing field. I have a background in Communications, so I knew that I wanted to be in a field that involved collaborating with people and businesses of various backgrounds. Search marketing is something that I think is often over-looked and a little unknown. It feels pretty great being a part of a field that is constantly evolving. Everything I learn here is a really valuable part of growing business and brand awareness.

How’s the transition to SI been? Picking up any new tips and tricks?

The transition with Search Influence has been really nice. It’s a fairly laid back and collaborative environment that prides itself on getting things done correctly. I’m learning more here than many jobs I have had, and I enjoy the challenge. I’m also enjoying the fact that I am being taught new things and taking on new tasks with each different client project I work on.

As far as tips and tricks, I can’t share the “secret sauce” — but it’s cool knowing that I’m a part of it!

What do you find yourself doing around the office? Any particular favorites?

On a normal day, I find myself picking up where I left off from the day before and making sure my “To Do” list has lots of crossed out tasks! Having our clients stay on schedule and increase in rankings is priority. I try my best to make sure we keep things moving in the right direction.

My favorite thing would probably be collaborating with my co-workers. It’s a really great feeling when we all work towards one main goal and succeed, knowing that our work paid off. I think we all work well together and respect each others’ ideas and strengths. It makes me feel lucky to be working with such a smart and dynamic group. — Oh! And I really love randomly making my co-workers laugh. I’d like to think they find me funny, so I try to keep things pretty light as often as possible.

In a perfect world, what would you be doing all day?

In a perfect world, I’d probably be working as a Production Manager for a really awesome, successful comedic sitcom — or a ghost hunting show — or a reality show. A movie? Anything to keep me laughing… or crying. There’s something about knowing that you’re part of such a large outlet that reaches out to so many people. And your name is there for the credit. Oh, and Ebay. Can’t forget my small Ebay obsession.

Most important of all: if you were an 80’s teen pop sensation, which 80’s teen pop sensation would you be?

Tiffany. She was a teenage pop sensation that did a mall tour! You can’t get any cooler than that. Stone-washed Jordache jeans, denim jacket, big earrings and teased hair: awesome! Thousands of terribly dressed screaming fans: amazing! 20 years later you have immortal songs to prove it: oh yeah!