How To Be A Pokémon Master in 15-Minute Breaks

August 19th, 2016 by Search Influence Alumni

The world of Pokémon Go has reached us, and the race to become master before your friends has long begun. Of course, there are only so many hours in a day, and work takes priority over a virtual game, but there’s a lot that you can do during even a 15-minute break.

Go for a Walk


Before actually stepping outside, check the Pokémon Go app to scope out nearby Poke Stops, and plan out a path that you can walk in 15 minutes. Besides incubating eggs and picking up items, many poke stops will likely have lures set up throughout the day, sometimes attracting rare pokémon.

Start a Facebook Group

With an online group, start looking for pokémon with other coworkers or anyone who works in the same building. Organize walks on breaks, poke crawls at happy hour, or battle plans to conquer a gym in the name of your building. A Facebook group is a good way to find motivation through friendly competitive rivalries.

Use Lures to Your Advantage

After checking those poke stops, see which of them are restaurants. Chances are, someone will regularly add lures to keep bringing in pokémon. With a Facebook group, it’s also possible to start organizing the use of lures with other people, thus sharing the load and the benefits of purchasing these lures.

Capture Pokémon

Last but not least, there’s the ever-present challenge of catching pokémon. The best bet is to check to see what might be nearby and walk around the building or block in search of it. Be sure to look up and practice throwing curveballs accurately for a better chance at catching pokémon quickly. While this is usually better suited for time spans greater than 15 minutes, you would be surprised by what you might find during that short time.

Remember that since Pokémon Go is a new game, it is constantly being updated, which might necessitate a change in strategy. Ideally, the tips offered here will not see much change as a result of any updates, but it’s always good to check out tips from another Pokémon Go master just to be sure.

Good luck on your Pokémon journeys!