highwebrank.com (Gregory Fort) Thinks I'm a Chiropractor

July 17th, 2008 by Will Scott

High Web Rank is trying to help me rank better for Chiropractor New Orleans with their 13,000 sites.

For a little background please see my Links Hog post.


I was looking at websites under the keyword ‘ chiropractor new orleans ‘ and came across your website http://www.ifindsales.com/. I see that you’re ranked number 2 on page 15.

I’m not sure if you’re aware of why you’re ranked this low but more importantly how easily correctable this is.

Are you aware of what the difference between first page and page 15 would mean to your business?

Look at the difference in revenue for the highly competitive search term ‘cheap airfares’. “Moving from position five to position one on the search engines means a difference of $2.5 million in commerce per year”. You can view the entire study here at:


While your industry or profession may or may not be quite as competitive as the example above, you are surely leaving profits on the table if youÂ’re not ranking for ALL of your industries profitable key search terms.

Before you get comfortable thinking that we found you under some obscure keyword and that you rank well under “other” keywords, let me explain something. We found you under this “chiropractor new orleans“ keyword and you are losing traffic, and clients, on this keyword.

Chances are that you are also losing valuable traffic on other keywords as well. There are usually 15-20 very profitable keywords for every business market and if you are not ranked on ALL of them, your competitor is stealing business away from you.

There’s no reason you can’t have a top page ranking for this keyword based on your site structure and content. You need significantly more “one way” anchor text back links. If you’re interested I can help you with this…

Again, I’m talking about getting you ranked for ALL your keywords. Adding new back links on a steady and consistent basis from high quality websites is what will produce the rankings you are looking for. The right kinds of links are very critical in getting top ranking. I can hand deliver these quality links to you.

My partners and I own over 13,000 websites and offer PRIVATE linking to over 3200 website owners just like you.

I did not send this email out to hundreds of people, but I am currently reaching out to a list of your “competitors” as well.

I have a very simple way to prove to you that what I say works and it doesnÂ’t cost you a dime to try. Nothing beats seeing the results with your own eyes.

Is it ok if I give you a call? I would love to pursue this further over the phone with you.

Just reply to this email and I will be glad to contact you to discuss this offer. I only work with one type of business in each city, first come, first served. My client in your market will dominate the organic search traffic that is worth thousands of dollars. Will that client be you or will you pass and give that business to your competitor? Reply now while you are at your computer.


Gregory Fort

P.S – I emailed you because itÂ’s a win -win for both of us. This is a private offering by invitation only. You will not receive this offering again as it is extremely confidential and time sensitive.
High Web Rank Gregory Fort, President 967 Roanoke Rd. Cleveland Hts., Oh. 216-339-0798 www.highwebrank.com Darrin Spiesz Director of Marketing and Sales 440-263-3136

Golly – it just keeps coming. By the way I’ve decided I’m going to start publishing all of these as I get them.